SV Rhona H was built in 1942.


Originally commissioned as a gentlemenns fishing and leisure boat for Frere Youl of Symmons Plains (near Launceston)., she was first named "Jessie" or "Jessica" after Mr Freres daughter.


Mr Youl was complelled to return to the farming ligfe when his father became unwell; e sold the vessel to Max Hardy of Stanley for the princely sum of 4000pounds.

Max made some changes to the vsel; including removing one of the masts and enhancing the vessels capacity as a Bass Strait crayboat. One of the firsts: an elecronic depth sounder/fish finder was installed. Max also has the record for catching the reatest number of couta by hand in 24 hours (41/2 ton).

The Rhona h story then has many twists and turns.

Julie Porter and Charles Burns purchased the vessel in january 2014. They and the SV Rhona H crew are more than willing to share the story.

Join us on one of our harbour cruises or one of the selection of bot cruise options to hear more of the story.